Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stop Sign #9

Stop sign #9 - Everyone is so much better than I am.
Answer: True, they are. Get over it and take your photos. Pretty soon you will be
who the faint hearted ones look at and say 'they are so much better than I'.

There are those who feel they know everything and as a result have nothing left to
learn. There are those who feel they know nothing and as a result are afraid to
learn. Both types miss out because they have wrong thinking about it. Their
thoughts in that case are all about 'self'. The 'know-it-all' is wanting to show the
world how much he or she knows. The 'know-nothing' is consumed with what others will
think of them.

What both have in common is a lack of concern for others.

The know-it-all isn't out to encourage and motivate and lift up those who aren't as
educated and as a result more often than not diminishes and puts down those who know
less. People don't like to follow 'know-it-alls' and so they eventually find
themselves alone and bitter.

The 'know-nothings' aren't thinking about what gifts they do offer to others. They
are also not thinking how their need for education might be a gift a teacher needs to
get motivated themselves. They don't realize that teachers need students, mentors
need mentees (mentoes, mentals?). All they are thinking about is how they will appear
to others and so they hide and bewail their shortcomings. They are tiresome.

What both types have in common is selfishness.

So, yes, there are people who know more than you. They are better at lighting,
cameras, painting, drawing, selling, marketing, planning, printing, talking, on and
on and on.

Will that fact (and it is a fact) make you hide, or will it inspire you to go find
those people and have their input and help in your art life?


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