Friday, May 16, 2008

Stop Sign #10

Stop sign #10 - But...but...but...
Answer: no excuses, go be who you are suppose to be and create what you are suppose
to create. Don't wimp out, don't be a lazy baby about it. If you see something on
the side of the road that might make a good photo, STOP YOUR CAR and take it! And
no, I don't mean you should do that on the way to your daughter's wedding with a car
full of people. Be smart about it obviously.

Here is a good quote. "It is easier to act yourself into another way of feeling than
it is to feel yourself into another way of acting." What that means in the context
of the stop signs is that if you wait until you feel creative to act on it, you might
wait a long time. But if you act creative, if you take the photo, walk around the
corner, look at a detail, pay attention to the light, even if you don't feel
creative, guess what? You will have a VERY creative day!

So, go take the photo! Then take another and another and another until you can't
stop smiling because you are so proud of yourself, just as we all will be.


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