Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stop Sign #8

Stop sign #8 - It costs too much.
Answer: What is it you can't afford? A point and shoot camera? A computer?
Transportation? Membership fees? Be creative, find a camera at a pawn shop, or a
resale shop. If you can't afford a new computer, once again, find a refurbished one.
Maybe trade services for what you need. You don't have to go anywhere to create
interesting photos, you have yourself as a subject, and you don't have to travel to
get there do you? You have your home, your yard, your sidewalk, your street signs.

I realized by having children that we are all capable of saying we don't have the
time or the money to do something. But I found out that without exception my children
almost always found a way to do the things they REALLY wanted to do. That usually
did not include cleaning out the garage with dad, so in that case they had too much
homework. But a call from a friend to go to the movies, well, in that case, they
realized they could do their homework when they got home, or in the morning. In
other words, they WANTED to go to the movies, and found a way.

In other words, don't say 'I can't afford it'. Say instead 'HOW can I afford it?'
and go out and find the way.

Do you WANT to be a photographer, an artist, a creative person? Then you WILL find a
way and you will not use excuses.

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