Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stop Sign #7

Stop sign #7 - I don't know what to photograph.
Answer: What are you passionate about? photograph that.
Even if it is your secret doll fetish or chronicling the cutting of your toenails.
Artists who continue to create art are the ones who have admitted to themselves and
the world what it is they love. They have courage.

There are two things you must love to be successful. One, you must love your
subject. You must feel passion and love and excitement about it. If it is old
couches, fine. If it is women, fine. If it is carpet samples, fine. If it is women
on old couches looking at carpet samples, fine. It doesn't matter what you have a
passion about, what matters is you admit it.

Two, you have to love the process, not just the end result, of creating your art. If
you don't then eventually you will find ways to not create it. So, if you don't love
setting up lights and getting all your equipment in synch to create a great studio
image, chances are you won't do that as often as you need to be successful at it. If
you don't like climbing out in nature, getting dirty and sweaty and being at the
mercy of the elements, then chances are you will not be a great, or even mediocre,
wildlife photographer.

You get my point? What do you love? Subject, style, process? Admit that and do

Couldn't resist, a woman on a couch (but without carpet samples).

Day 66: Hang Ten., originally uploaded by lindseyy..


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