Monday, May 12, 2008

Stop Sign #6

Stop sign #6 - What if people don't like what I do?
Answer: Guess what? They WON'T like what you do! At least many won't. Many might,
some will. But that is like saying what if someone doesn't like my flower garden or
looks or gift, etc. So what? Are you not going to plant your garden or wash your
face and comb your hair or give any gifts because MAYBE someone won't like your
choices? NO, of course not. You will go do those things. So, time to do a reality
check and realize that the normal state of the creative life is that someone won't
like what you do. That isn't bad, it's to be expected. Embrace it, have it be an
acceptable part of your understanding about life.

The Denver Art Museum, by Daniel Libeskind - I have a funny feeling many Denverites
don't like this building, though I am sure many do as well. What sort of building
would have been built if the goal was to have everyone like the building?

Denver Art Museum over the street

Inside the Museum - Molten Polyester, by Ed Ruscha - I am sure this isn't universally
loved or understood by all that see it. What would this image look like if Mr.
Ruscha worried incessantly about whether people would like it?

Art in the Denver Museum


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