Sunday, March 16, 2008

Post Card #1 - Texas Panhandle

Post Card #1 - California Road Trip

I had to drive my father's belongings back to California from Oklahoma in the fall of 2007. I kept my camera next to me in the rented moving truck and took a lot of photos out the window as I went. The Texas panhandle is one of my favorite areas precisely because there is so little to see there. What that actually means is that the interesting things you do see are spread out, they are alone, by themselves, easy to spot and appreciate.

Sometimes in dense environments, just as in a dense piece of art, it is hard to discern what is there. That is ok in a museum where you have time to look, but on a road trip it is nice to see something coming 2 miles away!

I stopped at a convenience store outside Amarillo and the clerk's eyes were blindingly bright and blue with the west texas sun shining in the window. I asked her if I could take some photos of her eyes and, though she was chided by her fellow clerk with the huge curled bangs and hair, and the darked lined lips and fake eyelashes, she said yes and was a wonderful, albeit fleeting, model.


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