Friday, March 14, 2008

Postcard #7 - California Road Trip

Postcard #7 - California Road Trip

We were in an outdoor outlet mall in Napa. We were in an antique store, all filled
with browns and golds and muted tones when through the window I noticed this pair of
bright yellow vests floating against a wall. They were bathed in bright, bright
sunlight and the color was so glaring compared to all the rest I just had to go take
some photos.

I told them I would donate some money to their cause if they would let me take some
photographs of them and they agreed. Just moments before I had passed the two
cypress trees and loved their 'symmetry/assymetry' against such a stark background.
Once I got home and went through the photos I kept seeing these two girls with the
two trees and so worked the images up to have that happen.


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