Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Know Your Camera

This is the second in a week long series on my take on photography. Go to Monday's posting to see the series from the beginning.

Know Your Camera

Whatever you do, LEARN what your camera can do! Do not brag about 'Oh, I don't know
how to do that' or 'Yea, I don't read manuals'. Both are excuses masking laziness or
fear. Read, practice, goof off, experiment. But for God's sake (and anyone elses)
don't put a stop sign in your head just because you are afraid. And don't think that
taking bad photos is something to avoid. Take the photo, dag nabbit! How else will you
know what is good or not? Do dancers wait until they are perfect to dance? No, they
practice knowing they are going to make mistakes and fail. Do the same.


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