Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guess Who?

This is the third in a week long series on my take on Photography. Go to Monday's posting to see it from the beginning.

Guess Who?

The rule is to get the whole face in the frame, the whole person, everything perfect.
But my rule is that that rule sucks. Are their times to do that? Sure. But for
Christ's sake (and everyone else's) don't be a slave to the perfect shot. Try
getting the persons face just partially in the frame with most of the image being a
background or something else. Try working with angles and composition in an abstract
way instead of worrying so much about the subject matter being perfectly upright.

Here is the important thing though. Don't think every experiment is just so cute and
precious that you just have to show it to the world. Remember, chances are every
experiment you are attempting a lot of other people have tried it as well. So go look
around, see what other people have done. Be self-critical but NOT self-condemning.
There is a BIG difference. Being Self-critical means you evaluate and look honestly
wat what you have done in context of your own work and others. Self-condemning means
you deride yourself for not being perfect or more like someone else, etc. It is
boring and selfish and oh so last century to wallow in that. Get over it.


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