Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Observer and the Observed

The Observed and the Observer

I noticed the woman in the distance drawing me while I waited at the coffee house for
my friend who was going to model for me. When she arrived I did some drawings of her,
then some photos. All the while the woman in the background was drawing me. This was
quite ironic since I had met my model while drawing her at another coffee house just
days before.

We were right next to a big picture window and my friend had this luminous glow on
her skin from the sky reflecting into the space. Meanwhile back in the establishment
the woman doing the drawing was bathed in indoor incandescent light. I loved the
contrast and did my best to get both in one image. I could have worked out an image
that had both in focus but I liked the blurred image in the back since you could see
all you needed to in it without the focus.


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