Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Color Opera - The Stranger Juxtaposition #9

Overture For The Color Opera

I went into a salon spa near my old house to get info and see the place. I have
passed by it for quite a while now. The manager showed me around and I dropped off
some Biz cards for her to give to people in need of photographic services. The light
coming in through the door was very luminescent (love that word) and the manager had
blue jewelry and blue eyes that really popped in that light. I asked her if I could
take some photos of her and she said yes right away (always a nice thing).

I was also on the hunt for old buildings and dilapidated structures as part of a
group assignment my local photography club was doing that month. After I left the
spa I went south into the town of Bixby, Oklahoma and found an entire abandoned ranch
off the road aways.

The manager's color; of her eyes, skin, hair and jewelry were strong and I kept
finding similar colors in the new environment. The collage sort of made it self once
I saw the colors. I got the feeling of a musical score in colors while playing with
the collage and I had seen part of an old opera on a college channel the other nigth
so it was on my mind.


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