Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Jeweler Who Didn't Like the First One

Seeing Straight #2 - Velveteen Woman Project

I went into a jewelry store in Tulsa looking for something specific for my wife. I didn't find it but had a great salesperson help me. She was informative and thoughtful. The whole front of the store was facing south with big windows and it was winter time so the sun was streaming in. It bounced off the floor and glass cases and landed on her in a wonderful way. I asked her if I could take some photos of her and she obliged me.

I did a collage and showed it to her a few days later. She was upset about how it looked, thinking I had made her look rather ugly. I didn't think it did, but I didn't post it out of respect for her discomfort. I did this one later, working with less manipulation and distortion and I think she was happier with it.

I love this piece because of how I got the hair and the line of her face to match up. She is the same top to bottom but then a second look obviously shows something isn't as it should be. Just a bit of a skewed perspective on the portrait.


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