Thursday, December 18, 2008

Special Edition, Time Magazine!

Hello All,

Just wanted to let you know that this drawing is in the latest Time Magazine! It is the ‘Person of the Year’ issue and it comes out today (12/19). So, go to your local newstand/bookstore/back alley and pick up a copy!

I Love My Country

You will find it in the section dedicated to “Obama on Flickr’ that shows the big surge in images, drawings, graphics, photos that surrounded his election.

When Obama was elected I went looking through my napkins to find just the right quote and drawing to express my positive feelings about the event. I just couldn’t find one so I went into the kitchen, found a napkin, rustled up the only marker I could find and drew away! I posted it the morning after the election on flickr and here. Along with many others who posted election related material I got a huge push in hits on that particular piece. It also engendered a lively conversation about Obama, elections, hope, hype and other ideas.

Time found my image as a result (along with many others) and after a little bit of back and forth with them they decided to publish it. I am excited to have the image among those generated by people spontaneously happy and proud of our country. As I said in my blurb below the napkin, I am not talking about Obama’s politics when I say that. I am talking about our American ideals of working towards the best in all of us.

Here is the link to the napkin on the Napkin Dad Daily blog. I reposted it today.

I also just found out that the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography is featuring my photography today on their website. When it rains it pours, eh? Here is that link.

Thanks and keep in touch, ok?


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