Friday, October 10, 2008

Wings and a Star at the Fair

Today you get a double treat of tattoos at the fair!

I noticed the black straps surrounding the tattoo and was intriqued by the writing that was only partially showing. I asked her if I could take a photo and she was very happy to allow it.

Wings at the Fair

I gave her my card and told her if she needed any other photography to give me a call. Her friend piped up and they were from out of town, working one of the booths in the expo building selling shammies I think.

But she said she gets around so she would keep my card, just in case.


I was eating my required fair meal of italian sausage and notice this couple talking at the table in front of me.

The guy was clingy, wrapping his arms around her again and again, kissing her cheek and generally seeming to want to possess her. She on the other hand simply sat there eating and talking, never once turning to him.

A Star at the Fair

The wind blew her hair and I notice the star tattoo. I went up and asked her if I could take a photo of it and the guy butted in and answered quickly and authoritatively, 'sure you can'. I looked to her and she said 'yes'.

I later saw them walking towards the parking lot and he still had her wrapped up in his arms. It didn't seem to be a good type of wrapping.


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