Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Girl with Fingers for Wings

The Girl with Fingers for Wings

I brought my 88 year old father into the Vietnamese Nail Salon to get his toenails trimmed. He
can't do them anymore and they get REALLY long before he says anything about them.

While I was waiting I noticed this woman getting her nails done. I was particularly drawn to her
wide set eyes and asked her if I could take her photograph. I took some photos of her fingers
and nails sitting on the towel waiting to be filed.

Later when I was doing the collage of her face photos I connected the finger photos and kept
seeing them as little wings. I envisioned her wanting to fly from the Vietnamese Nail Salon to
New York or Dallas, to BE somewhere, to fly to the top, to be seen gliding and flying and rolling
across the sky.

I later came across her at the local Target where she is a co-worker of my daughter. She didn't
remember me taking the photos at all.


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