Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Clouds of Knowing - Velveteen Woman Project #46

The Clouds of Knowing - Velveteen Woman Project #46

The Dress shop clerk, happy and without guile. We have gone in the store a number of times on
our visit to Del Mar, it is a resale shop with great clothes and great deals. We were looking for
hats for the first day of the Del Mar Racetrack season, which we were going to attend just for
fun! Didn't find a hat there, but did find some great deals and a great Tommy Bahama shirt.

She had brilliant blue eyes and the bright San Diego sun was out in full force so I asked her to
pose for me right outside her shop, which she was happy to do. I am not sure she was hot on my
taking photos of her feet, probably worried I had a foot fetish or something (I don't), but she
allowed me to nonetheless.

Del Mar, California, July 2008


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