Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Stop Sign #2

"A Genius is someone who simply has fewer stop signs in their head."

Each day for this week and next I am telling about 10 stop signs to creativity that I
have learned about over the years.

Stop sign #2 - It's not perfect. Answer: According to who? If it is a print and is
too green, blurred, flared, dark, whatever. Then collage it with something that
makes that 'negative' stand out. An art piece is not limited to one photo all by
itself. Draw on it, Cut it in stripes and layer it over the same exact shot you
took that is good. Cut the worst part of the image out and tack that bad part on
your wall, look at it, find something in it. Keep tacking up the pad parts until you
find something interesting.

If it is a digital image in your computer, make a copy of it, then do special effects
on it up the wazoo until it is something cool or at least you learned something. Go
to the extreme with each setting, see how far you can take it.

The point is waiting for perfection is an excuse. It shows lack of creativity and
imagination and it shows a worry about what others will think instead of seeing
things through original eyes.

Fell Into That Gray

From the 'Rejection Suite' 1985-1993


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