Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Truths and Things I Made Up About This Woman #18

Truths and Things I Made Up About This Woman #18

We were staying the night at the Inn at Price Tower, Frank Lloyd Wright's one and only
freestanding 'skyscraper' in the world (it's 16 stories high so it isn't crazy tall by
any means). It is about 50 miles north of Tulsa in a town called 'Bartlesville' which
was the founding home of Phillips Petroleum. It has an art center on the first 2
floors along with a gift shop. We always find unique and interesting things in the
shop when we go there and this time we found an engaging and happy store clerk along
with the usual stuff. She said one of the statements in the piece to us and I kept
hearing the rhythm of it in my head after, but with different content each time and
that was the basis for the other 'truths' in the piece.


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