Friday, April 11, 2008

What does modern look like?

This collage is in a book called 'Sketchbook with Voices'. It is actually a
sketchbook of blank pages with an idea,question,statement or assignment by an artist.
I got it way back in the 80s and decided to use it for photo sketches instead of
regular drawings. This image is probably the only image in the whole book that has
any drawing in it at all.

The black and white image in the background was taken by me during a photo shoot with
a friend. My sister-in-law at the time knew that I liked tan lines and took the
color photo of her friend while on vacation in Mexico and sent it to me.

You can see digital versions of this type of image, people in a museum looking at
some huge photo on the wall, which is actually the photo of the person making the
image. Just remember where they got the idea, ok? LOL


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