Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do Something About ROMANCE

Do something about ROMANCE

This is the third in my week long series showing selections from the 'sketchbook with voices'.

The top two photos were of friends of mine from the restaurant where I worked back in
the 80s and 90s. The bottom photo was a family friend from church. I know what you
are thinking; you took photos of a church friend's cleavage? What sort of church did
you go to? The answers are yes, I did and it wasn't the church that was odd, it was

As is often the case the photos had no idea they were destined for each other's
company. At the time I had a big work table and I would have hundreds of photos on it
at a time, sort of like a person with a messy desk having piles of papers. In this
case the two bigger photos, of the breasts facing up and the cleavage, just happen to
land close to each other on the table at some point. I saw that maybe they would
match up and started to see the heart shape. I found the ROMANCE page shortly
thereafter and it all made sense.

The angel type image at the top just added the final element both compositionally and
thematically to the idea.


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