Thursday, March 27, 2008

Portrait of Chinese Masks

Portrait of Chinese Masks

The Chinese pavilion at Epcot Center in Disney World had a door that faced the
lagoon. The sun was setting on the other side of the lagoon and was streaming into
the pavilion at a completely horizontal level. It is odd to see sun that low coming
into a building. Usually there is something that gets in the way, another building,
trees, walls, hills, etc. But in this place at this time it was filling the room as
if it was a flood of water. I stayed there until it set.

The woman behind the counter was having a hard time looking at customers because the
sun was right behind them, hitting her in the eyes. I asked her if I could take her
photograph and in spite the blinding light, was happy to allow me too. I walked
around the room finding other elements and came across the buddha. I didn't realize
it would fit perfectly with her, but I did feel it had the same dimensions. Later I
was pretty dumbstruck to find that with virtually no manipulation the two faces
matched up perfectly.


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