Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One Person's Truth is Another Person's Truth

One Person's Truth

She wasn't sure what the photos were going to turn out like, and either was I. I
loved the light in the lobby where I worked and this student happened by one morning
as the sun reflected off the granite floor.

I liked her red complexion but when I worked half the collage up in black and white
and took out 2 of the 3 channels I also loved the porcelain look of her skin. This
got me thinking about how others might perceive her in different ways; red, white,
porcelain, ruddy, however, her perception of her self, her truth is the same no
matter who she is in front of. That is how I came upon the title for this piece.

It is in the 'Truths and Things I Made Up About This Woman' series, even with the
variant title.


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