Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Day, New Start - please read

I left one world and moved into another last week. It is traumatic and exhilarating, energizing and tiring.

I was a full time Web Designer, now I am a full time Artist and Photographer.

Perhaps you can help again with a couple things.

If you need, or know of anyone who needs, expert photo-manipulation of their images, I am in that business. Those of you who know my work know that I can use Photoshop a tad bit so I am hoping to parlay that knowledge into part of my business and help others with their images.

I also will be selling my work, obviously. I do have paypal lined up, but beyond that I have not gotten into ecommerce in any depth. If you have suggestions and recommendations, I certainly would appreciate it. And if you want to buy an image, by all means contact me.

Finally I have set up my blogs to be revenue producing when they get enough visitors.
I have this one, and I have the 'Napkin Dad Daily'. Many of you have seen my napkin drawings and quotes and have enjoyed them. If you want to help me out and see one a day at the same time, go to the blog and subscribe to it.

My personal website, will be where I am building my business.

Marty Coleman


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